About Us


We are Jamie, Eric, and Brenda – three friends from Colorado who love the outdoors and all it has to offer. Jamie and Brenda were high school sweethearts, and moved to Colorado in 2013. That’s where Jamie met Eric – a Colorado native – and discovered their shared passion for adventure. In 2015 we traveled to Zion National Park for our first backpacking trip together (check out our story – link in sidebar), an amazing experience that left us wanting more. As time went on, a crazy idea became a nagging desire… and finally, an actual plan to take on the one and only John Muir Trail.

Chasing Daylight was born as a way for us to document and share our experience. The name came to us on our trip to Zion, as the last rays of daylight lit the path to one of our favorite campsites of all time (can you guess which one that was?..). It is only fitting that we will now be hiking through the “Range of Light” itself, and camping at sites whose beauty rival that of any other place in the world.

Follow us as we plan, prepare for, and set out on our journey in August 2016!


Update: April 2016

We are sad to report that, due to an injury, Eric will no longer be able to join us on the JMT. Nevertheless, he remains a member of the Chasing Daylight family, and Jamie & Brenda will carry him with us in spirit along the trail this summer!

unnamed brendaventures / sarcastic_wanderer


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