The Journey Begins

Finally. After over a year’s worth of planning, prep, and anticipation, we are setting out on the John Muir Trail!

Our journey started with an early flight to San Francisco, where we took in the sights before heading to Yosemite.


We spent the first night in the car so that we could be at the permit office first thing in the morning. We had to apply for walk-up permits for the first 25 miles of the trail that our original permit did not include. We were dedicated, and got to the office at 3:30am in order to be first in line (those lines start early, and get long fast)!


The early morning wait was worth it, and we got our permits. After one last breakfast in civilization with our friends Jess and Steve (joining us for the first few days of the trip), we headed to the Yosemite Valley Backpackers Campground.


Here, surrounded by views of the valley cliffs peeking through the giant redwoods, we will rest before hitting the trail in the morning. We will start by summiting Half Dome, and then head out to complete the John Muir Trail!

To track us along our journey, go to Your thoughts and well wishes are so appreciated, and we will post updates when possible as we set out on this journey of a lifetime!



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